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Black Magic

by Carpeaux

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Lyrics of "Gilgamesh" based on the epic of Gilgamesh, more specifically as translated and commented by Andrew George, available for purchase here:

Lyrics of tracks 2-6 based on the book "Otras Inquisiciones" ("Other Inquisitions"), by Jorge Luis Borges, available for purchase here:

I write in a blog about independent music as well:


released September 12, 2011




Carpeaux Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Gilgamesh, fifth king of Uruk
Son of the gods
born to rape women
and enslave men
rule over the land
between Uruk's walls
three meters tall
bull on a rampage
strong as a god
cruel as a man
It is I am the king

the gods seek to enslave me
to appease the cries of the mortals
in the wild they create
an offspring of silence
equal in strength
to a rock from the sky

I send a prostitute
to do for the man
the work of a woman
six days and seven nights
he will then stand tall
lose the smell of the wild
and the beasts will run
when they see him come
and he will eat bread
and drink wine

My equal defies me
but I am no one's creation
I'm a son of gods
lions are afraid of me
so he becomes my friend of council
and we seek glory
kill the monster guardian of the forest
fearsome beast
you will die today

His dead body
pays for my glory
and calls the attention
of the goddess of love
and war
I know of her tricks
and her cursed past lovers
and I say no
I tell her no,
I don't want your love

so she goes to her father and says
if you don't avange me against Gilgamesh
I will smash the gates
of the Netherworld
and I'll free the shadows
I'll bring up the dead
to consume the living
and the dead will
outnumber the living

and so it is decided
and they send the bull of heaven
to kill me

I don't need the help of the gods
to kill the bull of heaven
I have my friend
equal in strength
and though I'm proud I fear
for how this will end

the gods swear revenge
and I wait

Their sickness kills my friend
I have flesh from a god
but sorrow in my heart
Only death awaits me
nothing but old age
and forgetfulness
just like any other man
Track Name: Shih Huang Ti, first emperor of China
death cannot reach me in my palace
my sorcerers say
that time will stand still
the gate is magic sealed
and death will not come in

magic and time
are the bricks of the future
and useless past is dead
as the wall that holds a dream
I will burn it's shadow scent
and it's judging eye

I'll burn the books of history
the memories of old
the flames will be the birth
of the first story told
my name will be the name
of the first man who lived
first emperor of China
Shih Huang Ti

I will build a wall
the largest ever seen
around the whole Empire
to the memory of me
I am the greatest ruler
of unending dynasty
a thousand sons of power
into eternity

my wall and warriors
will be testament to the world
of the power that I hold

you are not a man
you are my slave

if you love the past
I'll bury you alive

if you hide your books
you will build my wall
Track Name: Kublai Khan, fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire
This night of magic
and destiny
an ancient spirit
talked to me
I have the power
over men's lives
but I'm no son
of Paradise
My ears were filled with talks of war
My back a lonesome burdain bore

Son of Genghis Khan
is hunting in the sun
By the river Alph
deep down a sunless sea

A woman spirit
roams this land
her demon lover
comes again
I am a puppet
I am not free
I am a slave
of sorcery
And in the winter when I leave
The devil in my palace lives

And when my life
is finished, gone
My lineage over
my broken throne
The hands of China
rule my land
I was betrayed
yet once again
The woman goes to poet's bed
And of her demon's house she tells
Track Name: Vathek, ninth Caliph of the Abassides
Vathek was a caliph and he
Wanted to learn the secrets
of the universe
He built a tower to study the stars
Astrology was his craft
and an omen he read
of a man who would
come from an unkown land

The man soon came and he was
ugly as a dog
brough a cimitar with
two messages in the blade
"this land is wonderful"
and "damned will be
who wants to know
what is forbidden"

But Vathek wanted to know
he had visions of the demon-faced man
forty human sacrifices
and abandoning
the muslim faith would buy him the key
to the palace
where a crown would be given to him

He became the ruler of pain
and misery
he terrorized his land and his men
he worshipped demons
and his soul was dark as the night
as black magic
the new art of his life
and he was truly lost

forty men were killed
the califf was brought in trance
to a mountain
were the Earth opened to him
he descended
saw the fountain of slavery
and of the power
of man over man

He descended into hell
The greatest temptation
to him

Power-loving man
Track Name: Heresies
I've seen truth with mirrored eyes
reversed signs of good and bad
I am a symbol of something unknown
and the joys of life
are the torments of hell

They will say Heaven is a reward
And hell, a punishment
to evil, black soul men
Melancholic meditation
forgetful of the angels' tongue

There is no such thing as evil and sin
all that is to the Creator will return
Track Name: Dreaming of Kublai Khan's Palace
In 1797 Coleridge received in a dream a vision of Kublai Khan's palace in Shangdu and of a woman who sang of her homeland.
The poem was 200 verses long but Coleridge couldn't finish it before his memory faded. It's unlike any of his other poems, like it wasn't written by himself

30 years later Rashid Al-Din's history book was first published in Europe, telling of how Kublai Khan dreamed about a palace and had it built East of Shangdu.
The palace was described by Marco Polo, who wrote that the Khan, on horseback, would use his leopard to hunt to feed his hawks.

I believe this is the action of an unknown force, maybe the Abyssinian woman in the poem, longing for a home for her demon lover, or for the ancient voices who spoke of war to the Khan.
The palace is now in ruins and the poem is incomplete, but the woman will come again to complete the project, perhaps in the form of music.